About Kapaun’s Men

"The Christian life is one in which we strive to grow into the person God created us to be. This is our goal
as a pilgrim on this earth. But the journey towards the goal is Kapaun's Men: walking in
fraternity and solidarity with other men striving for a seat at the Eternal Banquet."
- Adam Riopel, Wichita, KS

Who We Are
Taking as our model the life of Father Emil Joseph Kapaun, a courageous Catholic Priest, Army Chaplain, and Leader of Men, Kapaun's Men are committed to fighting the great spiritual battle that rages around us. Recognizing that we are stronger together than we are alone, we seek to grow in virtue and answer God's call to holiness as a band of brothers, lifting one another up and helping one another become better husbands, fathers, leaders and friends.  If you're ready to join the battle, Kapaun's Men has your back!

Our Model
Through prayer, formation and discussion, we seek to foster five essential characteristics exhibited by Father Kapaun which are essential in any man's life: Fellowship, Conversion, Faith, Leadership and Accountability.  We seek to accomplish this through our own feature programming and also through other great resources for men.

For more information on the Kapaun's Men Model or starting your own Kapaun's Men Group, click here.

Feature Programs:

Series 1: The Virtue Series
How does a man live a fulfilling and impactful life? Kapaun's Men have found a great example in the life of Father Emil Kapaun, who left a lasting impact on the world around him and is still inspiring men today by living a life of virtue. The Kapaun's Men Virtue Series is a 8-part video series and workbook that dives into the virtues as exemplified by Father Kapaun. Men from many walks of life help us to understand what virtue can look like in men's lives today and encourage us to be able to put it into practice. In addition, the video features two of the soldiers who were Prisoners of War with Father Kapaun in the North Korean Prison Camp. See the video below for a trailer of this life-changing series. To order the standalone video or workbook, click here.



Series 2: From Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Stewardship Way of Life
We know most men are put off by the term Stewardship. "If they want my money, why can't they just be straightforward about it?" we think. Here's the thing though: Stewardship is a Biblical term that goes far beyond money- it actually defines our roles as Christian men. God created us as Stewards, giving us the earth to cultivate and care for, our time to allocate wisely, and even our talents to use for the good of God and others. The responsibility of a Steward is to make the best use of these things as we can. Stewardship helps us understand and find joy in the blessings that God gives us, monetary or not.

Kapaun's Men has just finished a video series on how a deeper understanding of Stewardship as a Way of Life can transform our lives as disciples of Christ and help us understand our roles as Christian men. If you think Stewardship is just about money, you're way off target! Join us on the journey here.

"God gave us our gifts, not for our own glory or pride, but that we might use them for God's greater honor and glory. Use your gifts to help your fellow man as much as you can." - Father Kapaun